Polk Audio: How does the warranty process work?

Polk Audio: How does the warranty process work?

The Claim Process

Please submit a ticket through the Westan Support ticketing portal in order to have a warranty claim submitted and reviewed. A ticket must be lodged for all faults, failures and non-user related damages, whether you are looking for a replacement or a credit.

Ensure there are no unnecessary delays by following this process:
  1. Create a ticket on the Westan portal for the product.
  2. Record the unique ticket number that you are issued and match this with your job number (we may ask you to send the product to us or a repair agent and you will have to quote this in the delivery).
  3. Upload the customer proof of purchase so we can identify the item's serial number.
  4. We will contact you if we require any further information or to let you know that we are proceeding with your ticket.
  5. We will send you instructions on next steps, e.g. perform in-house tests, send to Westan NZ, send to a service or repair agent.
  6. After inspection and testing, we'll let you know whether the unit is: a) out of warranty (and if it is repairable for a charge); b) repairable under warranty; or c) will be replaced.
  7. In the case of replacement, we'll request that you upload a credit claim for the product into the ticket. You can do this by attaching it to an email, including the the ticket number in the subject line following this format [##[ticketno.]##] and sending to polk.support@westan.com.au. Alternatively, Reply All to any of the emails that have been sent to you regarding your current ticket.

What Does Warranty Cover?

Westan covers the full manufacturer's warranty on Polk products sold by us.
  1. A dead on arrival unit (DOA) can be lodged within 28 days of sale as per either our invoice to you or your invoice to the end user. A DOA is usually replaced with a brand new unit or, if unavailable, we can offer you credit on the purchase. Thereafter, the standard warranty process applies and we'll refer the unit to a technician for a possible repair. 
  2. The reseller is responsible for determining whether a Polk product is legitimately faulty. Please ensure that you have tested all power outlets, and ensured all cables are properly fitted to the unit as an part of initial checks.
  3. When returning faulty products, please ensure all cables, accessories, microphones and paperwork are returned along with the product. Failure to include these items may incur a fee.