BFL2x14 IP Control via SICP

BFL2x14 IP Control via SICP

This article is applicable for:
BFL2x14, HFL5x14, HFL6x14.
The feature is only supported on TPM181HF_R205.001.099.000 SW version onwards
To update the TV to the latest SW version, please follow this article

Open up TV Professional Menu (press Mute, Left, Right, Up, Down, OK on the remote)
Navigate to Advanced->Select TV Control App
  Choose SICP Control (Default port = 5000)
  Press back
Navigate to Advanced->Power
   Set the following
   - Power On =  standby
   - Standby mode = fast
   - Delay = off
   - Auto delay = 0
Navigate to Wireless and Networks->Settings->Network Configuration, choose Static IP (if the IP Address keeps changing, it'll be challenging to control it via IP)

That's it from the TV side..

To connect to the TV using the controller via IP, you need to connect to the TV IP address, port 5000 (default)

The SICP commands are

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